All About Vintage Fabric Studio Sewing Kits

Have you ever wanted to try sewing with vintage sheets but don’t want to invest the time to hunt for them? Are you new to sewing and need a helping hand through your next project? Or maybe you are an experienced sewist who is looking for a fun and easy way to create. How wonderful it is to have a project all ready to go! The fabric is cut out, the materials are gathered and the pattern is already picked out; all the details have been thought out for you. Let me walk you through all the awesomeness that is a sewing kit.

Vintage strings make up the adorable design of the ::Pretty Pincushion Kit::

Each kits comes with a detailed list of materials included in the kit and supplies you need to finish the project. Think of sewing tools like a sewing machine, rotary cutter and mat, iron and ironing board. There are also optional materials that make the job a little bit easier like Wonderclips & spray starch (see my blog post with a spray starch recipe here). If you have been sewing for a little probably already have these notions on hand.

The patterns are the foundation of our sewing kits and they are written with a beginner in mind.  I want you to feel confident during each step of the making process. The patterns are detailed with photos and written instructions to guide you through every stitch. One of my favorite things is to teach others to quilt and sew. I love to see a face light up and catch that ah’a moment of learning a new skill or mastery of something sorta tricky.


The kit line-up just got a little bit bigger last week when the ::Summertime Picnic Quilt:: was released. In this vintage sheet patchwork quilt you will find 56-8.5″ squares of vintage sheet fabric, a large piece of nylon for the backing and a hand needle and cotton perle for hand-tying the quilt for a simple finish. The fun and easy sewing of this kit includes a handle and ties for keeping the quilt together when not in use. The nylon (rip stop fabric) helps to keep your bum dry even when the ground is damp. Finishing at 55″ x 63″ it’s the perfect size for your next outing.

   ::Summertime Quilt Kit::


The kit that started it all; the ::Pretty Pincushion Kit:: is the perfect little project to get your feet wet in the sewing and quilting world. The pretty design uses string piecing on foundation fabric, a technique you will be able to play with after you master the 4 blocks made in the kit. Use the pattern to make them again and again for you and your sewing friends.

          Lots of pretty pincushions

The best news is that all kits are on sale now through July 5th. Shop the ::Kit:: section before the sale ends  and get sewing vintage. 

vintage sheets charm pack

Everything Die-Cut

Hello! I am excited to share with you my big budget video featuring me using the Accuquilt Studio2 Fabric Cutter to create a whole stack of charm squares in about 45 seconds. Haha! Just kidding it’s me in my basement studio space cranking out what I do best, making vintage fabric pre-cuts just for you. Have a look and I will tell you more about it after the short (3:43minute) Youtube video (press the arrow to begin the video).

What do you think? Pretty slick, huh. The two things that set Vintage Fabric Studio apart from the rest of the vintage sellers is the variety of charm square prints we stock and the accuracy of a die-cutter. Every sheet that comes through the studio is first ripped into fat quarters and then put through the die-cutter. This gives you a new selection of prints every couple of weeks. The Studio2 is so fast and accurate. It has taken all the guess work out of 5″ squares! No need to line up my rotary cutter and get distracted in the middle of a cut. The way the die cuts everything precisely for the shop is just what I need to produce enough volume to keep my happy customers in charm packs!

Charm packs come in counts of 25, 50, 75 and 100. Color ways include warm colors (think yellow, orange, pink) cool colors (green & blues), low-volume (prints with lots of white in the background or very light colors) and rainbow which includes multi-color prints and every color-way.

When you order a 25 count charm pack I do my best to minimize repeating prints depending on our stock on hand (for example there are 33 cool color prints right now!). For orders placed with 50-100 count charms we minimize print repeat with 2-4 of each print included depending on what bundle you buy.

Charm squares (5”x5”) are a versatile size for crafting and sewing. Use one on the top of a jelly jar for a cute gift idea. 5” squares are a common quilters size and can be used to make half-square triangles. A simple patchwork baby quilt can be sewn up with a 100 count-charm pack (8 rows by 12 rows).

Have I convinced you yet that our charms squares are something you will want to get your hands on? Let Vintage Fabric Studio help get your project off the ground with a charm pack in your favorite colors. We know you will love the variety of the prints in each pack and appreciate the accuracy of your final project. Grab yours today in the shop. 

Kelly’s Custom Colors Fat Quarter Bundle: Video Review

Hello Vintage Fabric Lovers!

I am super excited to share this little video with you from Maddie at BadAss Quilter’s Society. Maddie is a lover of all things vintage and fabric might be at the top of that list. She placed a big at quarter order during our grand opening week and she took the time to record  this little video of her opening up her curated rainbow color fat quarter bundles just for you.

The video was super fun to watch and it gives you a great peek at what the shop has to offer. There is even a blast from her past near the end you have to see to believe.

P.S. Did you know that Vintage Fabric Studio is a Premier Provider to the Speakeasy Members of BadAss Quilter’s Society? That’s right; and members get a standing 10% discount everyday of the week plus extras along the way. Sound like something you want in on? Check out the website and sign up today.

Kelly’s Custom Colors Fat Quarter Bundle

Kelly’s Custom Colors Fat Quarter Bundle…now say that 5 times fast! That title may be a mouthful and for good reason; it’s not just a pretty name. Each fat quarter bundle is created by me especially for you with hue, prints, colors and scale in mind.

Fat quarter is a quilters term for a yard of fabric cut into four equal pieces. The first cut is made by cutting the yard of fabric (36″ by the width of fabric, usually 44″) in half down the middle and then cutting those halves in half again down the middle. When cut like this you end up with four pieces of fabric measuring 18″ x 22″. A traditional quarter yard of fabric is 9″ wide by 44″ long (or width of fabric).  A fat quarter gives you enough fabric to play around with and cut lots of different size shapes from because you are not limited by the 9″ width.

vintage sheets

Vintage Fabric Studio has four styles of bundles to choose from; warm, cool, rainbow and low volume. The warm colors have a mix of yellows, oranges and pinks. Cool color bundles have lots of bright greens and blues as well as a few purples in the mix. A rainbow bundle is just that; all the colors of the rainbow including a selection of warm, cool and low volume prints. That leaves the low volume bundles. Low volume is a new fabric term that comes from the modern quilting world. It is a fabric where the color and print are muted or sparse so it reads as a light color.

When you purchase a fat quarter bundle I start playing around with our stock of vintage sheet fat quarters to create a cohesive mix of prints, colors and patterns so that you can get started on your next project with confidence. I select a mix of fabrics with hue and scale being important factors during the audition process. Not all colors and styles play nicely together and I want to make sure your bundle of fabric gets along nicely!

I have been a student of color my whole life. As far back as I can remember I was playing with crayons and water colors. A craft my mom and I would do together on rainy afternoons was to make crayon butterflies. Start by shaving crayons onto paper with dull scissors, then fold the paper in half and use a warm iron to melt the wax.  Quickly open the paper up and see what kind of design was created and add a little set of antenna for the butterfly. In high school Art class got me through the tedium of math and keyboarding classes; it quite literally kept me in school! Then when it was time to go to college I started a degree in Art History for a term and quickly found that I wasn’t quite cut out for college at 18. (I did finally finish with a BS in Environmental Science in 2008!)

Even though I didn’t stick with college, art stuck with me, and I continued to paint and draw into my 20’s. It was around this time that I rediscovered fabric through a little quilt shop in the small town of Scappose, Oregon I was living in at the time. A friend and I would go and buy fat quarters by the stacks! It was such fun to use fabric as the color pallet for making quilts. Creating with fabric is just like any other fine art medium; quilting specifically uses color theory, texture and placement to bring forth an idea from factory of imagination.

I love to use fat quarters in my own quilting. I have stacks of fat quarters from my favorite designers and lines of fabric that I just had to add to my collection. Because sometimes there isn’t an immediate plan for our fabric purchases and that’s totally acceptable in my book!

I also love to create custom color bundles just for you so if you are looking for a bundle of say all greens, or all pinks then drop me a note in your order telling me what you want, and I will do my best to accommodate. To make the blue bundle of your dreams come true add a Cool Colors Fat Quarter Bundle to your cart and when you checkout add a note requesting all blue fat quarters. Alternatively if you want an all pink bundle add a Warm Color Fat Quarter Bundle to your cart and at checkout add your note that you want all pinks. Easy Peasy! And if you have any questions just email me Kelly and I can walk through the order process.

Thanks so much for following along with me I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about the fat quarter bundles. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas. I love hearing from you – it is the best part of my job; connecting with other vintage fabric lovers! It has been such a fun Grand Opening! If you haven’t had a chance to enter the giveaway going on hop on over to the Grand Opening Giveaway page and get in for a chance to win a Pretty Pincushion Kit with the upgraded hazelnut shell filling. Have a wonderful day!