Vintage Sheets: How to Rip a Fat Quarter

Hello vintage sheet sewing & Sew Thrifted friends! Today’s blog post is all about getting a manageable piece of fabric from a vintage sheet. In the video I show you how to rip and fat quarter sized piece of fabric out of this queen sized sheet. So let’s get right into the video (with a little pop in by James my son) and then I want to talk a little bit more about the grain and why I think ripping is best.

As you can see in the video the grain of the fabric is not perfectly lined up with the hemmed edges. By ripping the top and bottom hems off the body of the sheet we start with an edge that is on-grain and is therefore the most stable edge to sew with.

Just a note about the bias edge. The bias is at a 45 degree angle from selvage and it is stretchy, not the ideal for sewing quilt blocks from small pieces. Bias is great for sewing curves, for making bias tape & is an important part of garment sewing.

Thanks for watching my videos and playing along during Sew Thrifted (check out my first Q&A blog post here) Please leave me any questions, comments or tips you have about sewing with vintage sheets.