Hazelnut Shell Pincushion Filling


Hazelnut shells are a great way to fill a pincushion. The extra weight of the crushed shells, in place of the fiber fill stuffing, makes the pincushion an ideal pattern and paper weight. The shells also have an added benefit of keeping your needles sharp.

Our crushed hazelnut shells are washed, sifted and grown right here in Oregon. (We’re kinda famous for our hazelnuts)

To fill your project with hazelnut shells we recommend placing the pincushion over a sink or bowl and using a spoon to slowly scoop the small crushed shells into the opening. This saves you from a mess in your sewing area.

When you purchase a Pretty Pincushion Kit and the Upgrade to Hazelnut Shell Pincushion Filing you will receive both the fiber fill included with the kit and the hazelnut shells with your order.


Hazelnut shells may be purchased as a stand alone item with or without a Pretty Pincushion kit.

Do not use if there is someone with a nut allergy  in your home.

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Weight 5 oz


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