What kind of 2nd-hand shopper are you?

Hello! I have been Β having a great time this week sharing and talking about thrift shop re-purposing with you this week! I hope you have found the videos and posts informative and inspirational to get the confidence to sew with thrift shop fabrics.

It is fun to see the variety of things we bring home and what we love to search for. It got me thinking about what kind of thrift store shopper I am. Where I like to shop, what I like to look for and what gets me going when I hit the thrift shops. I thought a little quiz would be a hilarious way to zone in on what kind of 2nd-hand shopper you are.

So grab a pen, piece of paper and something to sip on and see where you land on the treasure hunt spectrum.

  1. On Saturday morning I am the first one in line at the garage sale…….T / F
  2. How do I feel about prices?
    1. It must have a price tag.
    2. I have to be able to haggle
    3. Never pay retail.
  3. Β I love going to the Goodwill Bins, I could stay there for hours!……. T / F
  4. It’s 11pm on Friday night and you are searching craigslist for:
    1. Saturday morning garage sales
    2. A vitamix, preferable new in the box
    3. What’s free?
  5. I love to chat it up with the other shoppers, we exchange life stories among the picture frames….. T / F
  6. What is the best part of a new thrift score?
    1. I got a $200 microwave for $15!
    2. Searching through 3 garage sales, 2 thrift shops and finally finding the perfect pair of shoes for the kids.
    3. My car is full of camping gear for next summer!
  7. Who’s coming with you?
    1. My best friend and I shop together find items for one another.
    2. Kids always get dragged along.
    3. Lone wolf, I am not good at sharing my treasures.
  8. I always set a budget and bring cash in my pocket…. T / F
  9. When I set out to the shops I choose my purchases by:
    1. I bring a list and stick to it.
    2. Just looking at the household items, in-season clothes & DVD’s.
    3. What ever catches my eye that day comes home with me.


Score your quiz. Add up your points for each answer and tally your score.

1 – T: 0 , F: 2

2 – 1: 1, 2: 0, 3: 2

3 – T: 0, F: 2

4 – 1: 0, 2: 2, 3: 0

5 – T: 0, F: 1

6 – 1: 2, 2: 0, 3: 1

7 – 1: 2, 2: 1, 3: 0

8 – T: 2, F: 0

9 – 1: 2, 2: 1, 3: 0

What kind of 2nd hand shopper are you?

If you scored a 0 – 10 you might be a PICKER
Pickers love to haggle, dig and treasure hunt. You will go to great lengths to score for your collection of unopened model trains or that very special vintage pyrex dish. Off the beaten path charity shops, swap meets, garage sales and any place you can meet other pickers is a plus when you are on the hunt. You can see the hidden potential in the slightly dirty dresser that just needs a fresh coat of paint and new drawer pulls. Bringing cool new stuff home for your newest hobby or adventure or just because it was looking at you the right way is what keeps you going back out there for another search.

If you scored a 10 – 14 you might be a THRIFTER
Thrifters love to hit the chain thrift stores for those everyday items we all need. You like to see the price in a well lit area with a cashier who is gonna ring you up and get you onto the next stop. You may take a list with you like going to the grocery store and stick to it. You don’t mind searching for what you need as long it is in an appropriately marked aisle and in proper working order.

If you scored a 14 – 17 you might be 2ND-HAND BUYER
2nd hand shoppers look for the deals on craigslist and consignment shops. Your tastes are rather upscale but your common sense just won’t let you pay full price. You’d rather know who used it before you than take your chances at the swap meet. Estate sales and up-scale neighborhood garage sales may tickle your fancy every so often but buying something when the need arises is more likely to get your bargain juices going.



This is for fun only, not to be used to treat or prevent any past or present purchase or hoarding tendencies. Your thrift score secrets are safe with me. πŸ™‚