One Woman Operation

Hello Lovely Vintage Loving People!


This post is a bit vulnerable for me to share, but my motto is “follow my vulnerability to my power” (aka that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that leads to that blissed out feeling of awesomeness) and so I have to hit the publish button and send it out into the world! xoxo – Kelly

I wanted to jump in and share my love for all of you who visit the site, fill up your carts and let me know when I mess up. That’s right I mess up and sometimes without even knowing it. Like this past weekend when the family and I went on a little vacation and I did’t even know my shipping wasn’t working properly in my checkout and orders were not able to be completed!

What a major oversight on my part and a little embarrassing to boot especially when I logged into my website and saw an unanswered email from a customer trying to place an order from 3 days ago. Oh my, that’s not how I want to treat my wonderful customers, the very people I am here to serve.

Woe was me! I was a bit out of sorts lately thinking that my shop wasn’t going to be the success I had imagined and that this idea for vintage sheets and fabrics was a flash in the pan. I staked my whole self-worth on that false belief — when what was really going on was my shipping configuration got scrambled when an automatic update installed in my shop’s infrastructure!

By now you might be wondering why I am spilling my guts like this to you!? Well I am the sharing type, I have to be completely honest and transparent with myself and that carries over into Vintage Fabric Studio as I am the One Woman behind it all. And although I am the only creator working inside the studio You are the ones who make my world happen. Without your support I would be quite lost!

Thank you for being on this journey with me and letting me know ever so sweetly when I mess up. You make me a better shop owner because of it! Together we are going to make the world a brighter, cleaner and more creative place, one little piece of vintage fabric goodness at a time. I just know it.

2 thoughts on “One Woman Operation

  1. Kelly… You’re just fine. Lots of negativity out there. Just keep up the passionate good work! Bravo.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! It took me writing this note to the universe to figure that out. Feeling Good! xoxo

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